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Ultrasonic tooth cleaner

Ultrasonic tooth cleaner

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<p>Promote healthier habits with expert dental hygiene! Our dental cleaning kit, incorporating high-quality dental tools, offers an efficient dental health solution suitable for family users. The tartar remover for teeth operates under a sophisticated microprocessor
    ensuring stable power output to effectively eliminate dental plaque, tartar, and stains with high frequency vibration. Our teeth cleaning tools even reach those tricky spots and corners for a comprehensive cleaning.</p>
<p>--Charging Time: a quick 2 hours</p>
<p>--Charging Port: USB fast charging cable (included)</p>
<p>--Cleaning Modes: 4 Modes ->> "Soft" - "Normal"- "Mid" - "High", catering to your specific dental needs. </p>
<p>--Intelligent High-frequency: Sonic Frequency - a whopping 2,000,000 Vibrations/Minute & Vibration Frequency - 40 KHz. A true hard plaque remover.</p>
<p>The power-packed package includes:</p>
<p>1* Dental Pick in guise of  Tooth Cleaner</p>
<p>2* Replacement Heads for extended utility</p>
<p>1* Mirror for self-examination</p>
<p>1* Spanner for equipment integrity</p>
<p>4* Comprehensive Tooth Repair Kit </p>
<p>1* Reliable Charging Cable </p>
<p>1* Detailed Instruction Manual for effortless setup</p>
<p>Kindly note:</p>
<p>1. The effectiveness of our plaque remover for teeth unveils with the real  technology which is designed to vibrate only when in contact with teeth or other hard objects - a true dental marvel.</p>
<p>2. Ensure to tighten the teeth cleaning head and device with the included spanner before use - stability is key for the best dental hygiene.</p>
<p>3. Particularly beneficial for beginners, we recommend starting with the "Soft" mode and using the hard plaque remover toothpaste 2-3 times a month. Each session should last between 2-3 minutes for optimum results.</p>
<p>Health indeed begins with radiant smiles, and we're here to aid your journey with our meticulously crafted dental pick and extensive tooth repair kit.</p>

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